Emergency Response

Integrated Response (Site, Business and Executive Levels)

Is your operational site overwhelmed and needs the business to have their back? Business folks or Executive getting too operational and getting in the way for that effective field response? Need help training, coaching, building bridging documents that connect all layers of response into one cohesive response team?

Integrated Response (Multi-Departmental)

What happens when a single emergency affects multiple business divisions? Do they trip over one another with too many teams responding to the same event? What happens when those internal stakeholders are forgotten or not considered part of the team. I can help you sort out some of those issues.

Incident Command Center (ICS) Role Coaching

Need someone in the room during exercises or events to help the individuals placed in roles they aren’t quite familiar or comfortable with? I can provide individual or group coaching.

Incident Command Center (ICS) Role Coverage

Short-staffed? Need someone to cover some roles during busy times or the off shift?

Family Support

Need an extra person to help with incoming calls from affected employees, or their families?  Do you need help in supporting affected families through some of their toughest days?

24 Hour Emergency Call Center Coverage

Short on staff to cover your emergency call center? Maybe its vacation coverage, or maybe they’ve already worked too many hours and need some sleep. Either way – reach out to me.

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